Sweet Lit interviewed me in November 2019 and asked me why I write poems.  They also asked me what my favorite sweet was.  I gave a shout out to the Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market's prune plums!  Sweet Lit published one of my favorite poems, "Dear garden shed" which is a political poem, although it could be seen as just another past-middle age,  lamenting youth poem. 

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The Rupture (formerly The Collagist) interviewed me in July 2019 about my poem, "My life as a lawn sprinkler" and asked about how I use rhyme in constructing poems which surprised me since I struggle when I try to rhyme. I also loved the question about whether the lawn sprinkler metaphor was a personal manifesto or an artist's statement! 
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Orange Quarterly interviewed me in the winter of 2019, and asked me some great questions: Why is art and poetry vital to society, as well as  what I like about reading and performing poetry in public. They  published two of my poems about girlhood that I hope will be in my next book about daughters leaving home. 

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Renowned Michigan poet and Ann Arbor resident, Keith Taylor reviewed What Is in The Blood in the Ann Arbor Observer in the March 2020 issue. I am honored to be featured in this long -time Ann Arbor events/local news publication Thank you, Keith Taylor and thanks to The Ann Arbor Observer!  

Mom Egg Review posted a great review of What Is in The Blood in July 2020:


Image by Steve Gilzow