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Sweet Lit interviewed me in November 2019 and asked me why I write poems.  They also asked me what my favorite sweet was.  I gave a shout out to the Ann Arbor's Farmer's Market's prune plums!  Sweet Lit published one of my favorite poems, "Dear garden shed" which is a political poem, although it could be seen as just another past-middle age,  lamenting youth poem.   

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Author Ellen Stone interviewed by Sweet Lit
The Rupture (formerly The Collagist) interviewed me in July 2019 about my poem, "My life as a lawn sprinkler" and asked about how I use rhyme in constructing poems which surprised me since I struggle when I try to rhyme. I also loved the question about whether the lawn sprinkler metaphor was a personal manifesto or an artist's statement! 
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The Rupture interview Author Ellen Stone What Is in The Blood book


Renowned Michigan poet and Ann Arbor resident, Keith Taylor reviewed What Is in The Blood in the Ann Arbor Observer in the March 2020 issue. I am honored to be featured in this long -time Ann Arbor events/local news publication Thank you, Keith Taylor and thanks to The Ann Arbor Observer!  
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ann arbor observer review Author Ellen Stone What Is in The Blood book

Image by Steve Gilzow

Mom Egg Review posted a great review of What Is in The Blood in July 2020:

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Author Ellen Stone What Is in The Blood book review
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