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Bloodroot nation

Oh, bloodroot, you are us in spring of 2020, sheltering ourselves in cloudy weather, or dark moments -- which we seem to have more often lately. It is as if there is a new season in between winter and spring called hunker down. We try to shed our winter gear, but cannot throw off our coats so soon. Maybe we are not so fragile, though. Maybe we are sinking our roots and rhizomes down deeper in the ground; maybe we are finding out what we are made of. And, like bloodroot, maybe we’ll find we have some cures inside of us. (For the record, this little bloom has been linked with assisting in treating gingivitis/dental plaque, eczema (due to high antioxidant content), cardiovascular disease and cancer. Not to mention its use as hair dye and insect repellant! And used to induce vomiting by Native Americans. So much for delicacy!)

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